SERVA Proteome Markers

Proteome Markers, SERVA


A unique marker to calibrate 2D gels,or serve as internal LC/MS standard or added to protein samples

Size: 1 kit


Proteome Markers by SERVA Electrophoresis 


SERVA Proteome Markers are developed in collaboration with the German Society of Proteome Research (DGPF).

Kit contains: 5 vials of marker proteins, lyophilized, approx. 5-10 applications per vial for 2D electrophoresis.


SERVA offers the unique set of Proteome Markers containing 8 proteins qualified for 2D gel electrophoresis and application in liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry. Proteins ranging 11.7 to 77 kDa and spanning the entire pI range are supplied in equimolar amounts. The Proteome Markers are characterized carefully by 2D electrophoresis and also by LC/MS: identity of each protein is verified by protein sequence analysis.

The SERVA Proteome Markers provide a unique and useful tool to calibrate 2D gels, to serve as internal LC/MS standard or to be added to protein samples. Offered as native blend and as tryptic digest.


Glucose oxidase (Aspergillus niger)
Albumin (bovine)
Lipase (from bacteria)
(from bacteria; Mr 113 000)
β-Lactoglobulin (bovine)
Myoglobin (horse)
Cytochrome C (horse)

Mr 77 000

Mr 67 000
Mr 58 000
Mr 33 000
Mr 32 000 (subunits)

Mr 18 400
Mr 17 800
M11 700 


HS: 38220000
Storage Temperature: -15 °C to -25 °C 

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