HPE BlueHorizon flatbed electrophoresis chamber

HPE BlueHorizon


HPE BlueHorizon

  • Horizontal Gel Platform
  • Ceramic Cooling Plate 
  • IEF, SDS-PAGE and 2D Gel analysis


HPE BlueHorizon

Advanced horizontal gel electrophoresis system by Serva Electrophoresis

The HPE BlueHorizon is for performing analytical gel electrophoresis with horizontal electrophoresis gels.  Applications include: isoelectric focusing (IEF) with precast horizontal gels, immobilized pH gradient strips (7cm IPGs) for 2DE, horizontal PAGE and nucleic acid separations.  The large cooling plate made of proprietary ceramic provides efficient and homogeneous cooling for gels ranging in widths from 100mm to 260mm, and in thickness from 0.1mm to 10mm.  The spring mounted electrodes are adjustable to permit optimum resolution. Made of and includes: robust acrylic tank and lid, leak free ceramic cooling plate, Gold plated connectors, double insulated high voltage power cables, synthetic carbon cathode, and platinum anode. The HPE BlueHorizon requires a separate cooling source (chiller or thermostatic refrigerated water bath and power supply.


Benefits include:

  • Economical Reagent Use
  • Small Footprint – less bench space
  • Adjustable Electrode Positions: 45 to 90mm
  • High Thermal Capacity Cooling Plate with Grid
  • Accepts Gels of From .10mm to 10mm thickness
  • Versatile: IEF Gels, Blotting, SDS & Native PAGE


Complete system includes:

BlueHorizon system with safety lid, 1 synthetic carbon cathode, and 1 platinum electrode and integrated ceramic cooling plate, and power cables.

Watch this video to see how the HPE BlueHorizon works with horizonal gels. 

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