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IEF Marker 3-10




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IEF Marker 3-10 

Serva IEF 3-10 markers

Serva IEF 3-10 markers  or pI markers are ready-to-use isoelectric focusing markers for determing the isoelectric point or pI of protiens in IEF gels; horizontal and vertical. This IEF marker contains 9 proteins and 13 isoforms with isoelectic points ranging from pI 3.5 to 10.7. It offers linear and reproducible performance.


This pI marker contains: 

  •  500ul with 5mg of total protein
Glucose oxidase
Trypsin inhibitor
Myoglobin horse
Lentil lectin
Ribonuclease A
Cytochrome C

pI 3.5
pI 4.2
pI 4.5
pI 5.15/5.3
pI 6.0
pI 6.9/7.35
pI 7.75/8.0/8.3
pI 9.45
pI 10.65 

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IEF Marker 3-10 spec

IEF Marker 3-10, Liquid Mix specification

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IEF Marker 3-10, Liquid Mix manual

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By on17 Apr. 2013 (IEF Marker 3-10) :


The linearity of these IEF markers is very good, and less expensive than the other brand.