SERVA IPG BlueStrips: pH 3 - 10, 12 Pack
SERVA IPG BlueStrips: pH 3 - 10, 12 Pack
SERVA IPG BlueStrips: pH 3 - 10, 12 Pack
SERVA IPG BlueStrips: pH 3 - 10, 12 Pack

IPG Strips pH 3-10

  • Available Lenths: 7cm, 11cm, 17cm, 18cm 24cm
  • Individually Lot Numbered : GMP/GLP Conformity
  • Reliable, Consistent Performance


IPG Strips pH 3-10 

Available in 7, 11, 17 , 18 and 24cm by Serva Electrophoresis 

Standard broad-range  IPG strips will reveal the greatest number of proteins and accommodate a larger sample volume.  Use a non-linear gradient  IPG strip if you suspect a large number of proteins. In a non-linear IPG strip broad range such as pH3-10, the middle pH range (~pH5-7) is spread out over a greater length than in a linear IPG strip, thus allowing greater resolution. The narrower the pH range per IPG strips permits better resolution. Very narrow or micro-range gradients allow for even greater resolution since there is more migration distance between proteins.

SERVA IPG Strips are dried PAG gel strips with an immobilized pH gradient for high resolution isoelectric focusing in 2D gel electrophoresis analysis of proteins; an aspect of proteomics. The homogeneous polyacrylamide gel matrix is covalently bound to 3mm GEL-FIX™ film to stabilize the gel. Additionally, a non-binding cover film (GEL-FIX™ for Covers) protects the gel from damage and contamination. Each gel strip has its own lot number printed on and, therefore, is suitable for documentation according to GMP/GLP.



  • Consistent performance - 12 strips per package, same lot
  • Reliability - accurate casting procedures ensures lot-to-lot reproducibility of pH gradient
  • GMP/GLP conformity - each strip has its individual lot number coded on it
  • For best results, rehydrate with convenient SERVALYT™ carrier ampholytes


General description:

  • Gel Matrix: Polyacrylamide, 4%T, 3%C
  • Gel Backing: Polyester Film
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