ProteinStain Fluo-R  solution, SERVA

ProteinStain Fluo-R solution, SERVA


Highly concentrated

Size: 1 ml


SERVA ProteinStain Fluo-R Solution

Concentrate of SERVA ProteinStain Fluo-R (cat. no. 35090). Dilute 1:1000 to receive a 1 µM staining solution.
SERVA ProteinStain Fluo-R is a highly sensitive fluorescent dye for detection of proteins in e. g. SDS-PAGE, native PAGE or 2D gels. The dye does not interfere with immunodetection. Therefore you can stain your gel with SERVA ProteinStain Fluo-R and then proceed with Western Blotting receiving a copy of your gel on the membrane.
The dye can as well be used for pre-staining, just use it in the loading buffer instead of bromophenol blue or other dyes.
It is as sensitive as silver staining, but has superior staining properties which makes it the first choice for proteomic research. The dye has a good linearity, high contrast and is compatible with MS/MS analysis. The staining can be as well combined with silver staining and DIGE. Protocols are available for fast staining, co-electrophoretic staining and staining with loading buffer. The dye is best excited with UV light of wave length 473/488 nm. Excitation with laser light of wave length 532 nm is as well possible, but less sensitive. 

HS: 38220000
Storage Temperature: +2 °C to +8 °C

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