SE600 Chroma, Standard Gel 2D Electroporesis Package, Hoefer Expand

SE600 Chroma, Standard Gel 2D Electrophoresis Package, Hoefer




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SE600 Chroma Standard 2D Gel Electrophoresis Package, Hoefer


Comines all the Hoefer made equipment you need Standard size 2D gel electrophoresis experiments, plus the versatility that comes with the SE600 Chroma vertical gel electrophoresis unit in performing all other mini gel applications such as: SDSPAGE, Native. Gels are fully submerged for uniform cooling. A great value package.

Package includes:

  • SE600X Deluxe Dual Cooled Unit
  • Gel Plate Size: 18 x16cm (6)
  • Throughput: 4 gels
  • IEF100 Isoelectric Focusing Unit
  • PS300B 300V, 500mA, 150W Power Supply
  • 2 year manufacturers’ warranty

Complete system includes:

System, Vertical Electrophoresis; Hoefer; SE600 Chroma; 5L buffer; For 18 x 16cm or 18 x 8cm gels; Includes 3 sets of glass plates, gel seal; 6 cams; two 15-well combs; 2 sets of spacers; Safety lid with leads; 4 clamp assemblies. IEF100 and all accessories, PS300B 300V, 500mA, 90W.

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