SingleQuant Assay Kit, SERVA

SingleQuant Assay Kit, SERVA


Single tube format assay kit for protein quantification.

Two sizes are available.


SingleQuant Assay Kit

Single tube format assay kit for protein quantification. The assay is based on the precipitation of proteins as insoluble dye complexes with acidic, ethanolic amido black 10B solution (1,2). After precipitation the protein-dye complexes are spinned down. The pellet is washed and resolubilized. The released dye amount is measured at 624 nm.

  • Precise, reproducible, reliable assay data
  • Completed in only 45 minutes.
  • No interference with detergents or reducing agents
  • Detection range starts as low as 2 µg protein.



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Storage Temperature: +2 °C to +8 °C

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