ProtaQuant Assay Kit, SERVA

ProtaQuant Assay Kit, SERVA


96-well format assay kit for protein quantification.


ProtaQuant Assay Kit by SERVA Electrophoresis 


A 96-well plate format assay kit for protein quantification, based on protein precipitation insoluble dye complexes with acidic, methanolic amido black 10B solution (1, 2). After precipitation the protein-dye complexes are spun down. The pellet is washed and resolubilized. The thereby released dye amount is measured at 620 nm. Linearity from 100 to 1750 µg/ml protein. In triple measurement 23 samples can be analyzed (plus BSA standard and blank).
Note: Ampholytes bind to the dye as well and therefore simulate too high protein concentrations. Protein measurement of analytic solutions for 2DGE must be done before ampholyte (Servalyte) addition.

  • Precise, reproducible, reliable assay data
  • Completed in 45 min.
  • No interference with detergents or reducing agents
  • High-throughput format (96-well plate)
  • Linear detection range from approx. 100 - 1750 µg/ml protein

The kit contains 10x dye concentrate, elution solution, bovine serum albumin as standard reference, 96-well plates


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