Isoelectric Focusing Gels pH 3-6 Horizontal 245 x 125mm x 150um

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SERVALYT™ PRECOTES™, pH 3-6 Horizontal IEF Gels, 5 pack, 245 x 125mm Expand


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Isoelectric Focusing Gels, pH 3-6, Servalyt Precotes

Format: Horizontal IEF gel, 245 x 125 x 150um

Servalyt Precotes are precast isoelectric focusing gels for horizontal isoelectric focusing of proteins. Simply place the IEF gel onto the horizontal electrophoresis unit, apply buffer soaked electrode wicks and load the samples. SERVA precast gels are offered with thin and ultrathin gel layers. The thinner layer uses less sample volume, runs faster and stains quicker. SERVA precast gels are each individually sealed to provide up to 18 months shelf life. Gels are also available as SERVALYT™ PreNets™  on a support fabric for blotting applications.



  • Gel formats of 125 x 125 mm and 245 x 125mm
  • Gel thicknesses: 150um and 300um
  • Supplied as package of 5 gels
  • Shelf-life 18 months (12 months for pH 6–9)
  • Four pre-selected pH ranges (3–10, 3–6, 4–6, 6–9)
  • Bound to GEL-FIX™ supporting film

Guide on using horizontal isoelectric focusing gels