IEF Sample Buffer (2x) sterile filtered, SERVA

IEF Sample Buffer (2x) sterile filtered, SERVA


The SERVA IEF sample buffer is suited to all vertical and horizontal IEF applications and systems.

Size: 20 ml



IEF Gel Sample Buffer (2x) 

SERVAGel IEF sample buffer 2x

The SERVA IEF gel sample buffer is perfect for both vertical and horizontal IEF gel applications. The sample buffer is supplied in an economical 2x concentrate, is sterile filtered to provide for a long shelf life.

Simply mix the liquid sample 1:1 with the buffer or dissolve a solid sample in the buffer first and dilute with water 1:1. When performing IEF in the presence of urea mix the sample with the buffer and add solid urea or use concentrated urea solution.

The buffer contains 4 % SERVALYT™ 4 - 9 T, 30 % glycerol and 0.005 % phenol red.

Shelf life time is 5 years when stored at 2 - 8 °C.

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