NetFix™ for Polyacrylamide Gels (PAG), Size: 265 mm x 125 mm, 36 sheets, SERVA

NetFix Polyacrylamide Gel Support


Gel Support
Polyester Netting
Size(s): 265  x 125mm


NetFix Gel Supports by SERVA Electrophoresis

Netfix is an inert netting the supports polyacrylamide gels and agarose gels to permit Western blotting and Southern blotting.

Net fix is an activated polyester fabric that binds agarose and polyacrylamide thus protecting the gel from damage during handling in perparation for blotting. The net is incorporated into the matrix during the casting process but will not interfere with electrophoresis or blotting. NetFix™ allows convenient, safe handling as the gel is reinforced with the NetFix™ layer. The gel will stay in shape while moving it.

Size: 265mm x 125mm
Qty: 36 sheets

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