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Cellulase ”Onozuka” RS from Trichoderma viride ca. 2 U/mg, CAS 9012-54-8, Serva

Onozuka RS

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Onosuka RS

Size(s): 10g



Onozuka RS

CAS 9012-54-8

Cellulase enzyme

Onozuka RS Activity > 16kU/gram 

Onozuka RS is a multi-component cellulase enzyme system with three times greater xylanase activity that other celulluases (Cellulase R-10). Xylanases are hydrolytic enzymes that randomly cleave the beta 1,4 backbone of the plant cell wall polysaccharide xylan.

Although the preparation has high cellulase activity, it also contains hemicellulases, and degrades mannans, xylans, galactomannans, pectins and other polysaccharides. Widely used for the isolation of protoplasts and often with Macerozyme R-10.


  • Optimum temperature: 50 - 60 °C
  • Optimum pH: pH 4 - 5


Unit definition: 1 U catalyzes the liberation of 1 µmole glucose from sodium carboxymethyl cellulose per minute at 40 °C, pH 4.5; glucose determined with alkaline copper reagent.

Extraneous activities: Contains α-amylase, pectinase, protease and hemicellulase.

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