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IEF Gels pH 3-10

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IEF Gels pH 3-10 by SERVA Electrophoresis


Vertical isoelectric focusing gels, pH 3-10

SERVAGel precast IEF gels

Use for the discovery of protein isoforms with pI between pH 3-10. SDS PAGE will not reveal the presence of protein isoforms, but separating proteins based on their isoelectric point will. These IEF gels come in a 10 x 10 cm cassette with your choice of 10 or 12 wells, 10 and 5 gel packs.



  • Separates: Acid and Basic Proteins
  • Multiple Applications:
    • standard IEF (3-8.5) or NEPHGE (5.5-11)
  • Economical & Convenient: 10 or 5 gel packs
  • Sample wells: 10 and 12
  • Fits most gel systems
  • Size: 10 x 10cm.

For more information go to the  "Downloads" tab.

By on20 Jan. 2017 (IEF Gels pH 3-10) :

Value and Versatility

We compared brand X and Y to the Servagel, all gave pretty much the same resolution; Serva seemed a bit cleaner. The reason I'm writing this is because we were also looking for value. The Servagel out shined the others; 10 gels for about the price of a 5 gel pack by the others. Plus I like the fact we can use these in the NEPHGE application to resolve the occasional troublesome basic proteins. Don R. QC.

By on16 Apr. 2015 (IEF Gels pH 3-10) :

Senior Scientist

We have used over 100 gels in the last year and are continuing to use them extensively. We prefer to make our own running buffers and have found that these gels work very well in the IEF mode. The 12-well gels that we prefer have 35 ul sample capacity which is great. The gels can be used in the NEPHGE mode. We have tried NEPHGE but don't use it because it is a non-equilibrium process. Among the 100-odd gels, we found only 3 gels with defective wells and we were very pleased that Biophoretics promptly issued credit for these gels. We are really pleased with the sales and service we have received from Biophoretics.

By on17 Apr. 2013 (IEF Gels pH 3-10) :

Basic proteins

Our proteins were running basic, about pH 9. Thanks to your help we were able to resolve them using the Serva IEF gel and doing the NEPHGE protocol you gave us. Thanks again!