SERVAGel™ TG 12 LS precast Gel, 10 pack, 10 x 10cm Expand

Precast Gels 12% - PRiME



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Precast Gels



12% homogeneous precast mini gels


SERVA PRiME precast gels


Fast protein electrophoresis in a mini gel electrophoresis format for SDS PAGE and neutral PAGE. Electrophoresis and western blotting can be performed with your usual buffer systems without any limitation. Gels are cast in a neutral pH Tris/Glycine buffer.



  • Use Laemmli buffer system and others
  • 10, 12 and 15 well formats
  • Range from 20 kDa up to 150 kDa
  • Fast run times: 2 gels, 35 min at 250 V
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 0.7 cm
  • Fit most gel boxes: Serva, Scie-plas,    Biophoretics, Hoefer, Invitorgen
  • High resolution in protein electrophoresis
  • Shelf life  - 1 year post production
  • Efficient Western blot transfer

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By (Sparks, United States) on 17 Apr. 2013 (Precast Gels 12% - PRiME) :


Definitely a more expensive gel, but we got better results.

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