SERVA DNA Standard pBR328 Mix, lyophilized Expand

DNA Standard pBR328 Mix, lyophilized, SERVA




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SERVA DNA Standard pBR328 Mix, lyophilized

The SERVA pBR328 Mix DNA Marker contains 12 fragments ranging from 154 Bp to 2176 Bp:
154, 220, 234, 298, 394, 453, 517, 653, 1033, 1230, 1766 and 2176 Bp.
Ideal for the analysis of DNA fragments between 300 and 1700 bp in 1.2 - 1.8 % agarose gels. In agarose gels a separation distance of approx. 35 - 80 mm is recommended.
For at least 50 applications. Instructions of use and 1 ml separate loading dye solution for resuspension of the lyophilized DNA fragments are included.

HS: 38220000
Storage Temperature: -15 °C to -25 °C 

Standard pBR328 Mix mnl

SERVA DNA Standard pBR328 Mix, lyophilized manual

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Standard pBR328 Mix g.i

SERVA DNA Standard pBR328 Mix, lyophilized general information

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