PHMT - PSC96Thermoshaker For Microplates, Grant Instruments

PHMT Thermoshaker & Heater For Microplates, Grant Instruments

  • Choice of 5 blocks for tubes or microplates
  • Incubates with or without shaking
  • Shakes without incubating
  • Temperature range: ambient +25 to 100C

PHMT Thermoshaker and Incubator.

The PHMT is a highly versatile heater & thermoshaker  for applications requiring microtube and microplate heating and shaking. Suitable for use in cold rooms and incubators (operating ambienttemperature range 4 to 40ºC).

It is effectively three instruments in one:

  1. microtube and microplate thermoshaker
  2. compact benchtop incubator without shaking
  3. microtube shaker without heating


Heating block(s) available include:

  1. PSC18,  20 x 0.5ml plus 12 x 1.5ml microtubes
  2. PSC24,  24 x 2.0 ml microtubes
  3. PSC24N,  24 x 1.5 ml microtubes
  4. PSC32,  20 x 0.2ml microtubes plus 12 x 1.5ml microtubes
  5. PSC96, 1 x 96 well microplate or 0.2ml tubes/strips

To order these, go to accessories on this page.

General specifications:

  • Temperature control range: ambient + 5 above ambient to 100ºC
  •  Ambient operating temperatures:  + 25 to 100ºC
  •  Uniformity: ± 0.1ºC
  •  Shaking speed: 250 to 1400 rpm
  •  Continuous or timed operation, with alarm buzzer and automatic switch-off facility
  •  Convenient interchangeable blocks
  •  2-line LCD display indicates both set & actual values for temperature, shaking speed and time
  •  Compact and sturdy, with a low profile and small footprint - fits neatly into the workspace
  •  Its 'soft' start prevents possible damage to samples from jolting


*25 to 40ºC Rapid heat-up

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