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H1-Set, EasiGel Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis, Scie-plas




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H1-Set, Easigel Fast mini Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis

 The Easigel H1-SET provides a simple, economical horizontal gel electrophoresis solution for standard preparative and analytical studies of nucleic acids.

 Small compact design minimizes buffer volume needed to cover the gel providing optimal control over the voltage gradient, run-time, and enables it to be easily carried from the bench to the UV transilluminator.  Plastic casting gates allow direct gel-casting within the tank without the need for costly accessories, while two 1mm thick combs provide a 16-sample throughput.

 UV-transparent acrylic permits visualization of the gel within the tank, limiting the user's exposure to hazardous ethidium bromide.  A quick release lid disconnects the tank and lid simultaneously from the power supply, facilitating safe access to the gel for loading and disposal.


Features include:

  • Throughput: 16 to 40 samples
  • UV Transparent Acrylic – Direct Viewing
  • Small Size – Safe Transportation to Gel Doc.
  • Safety Lid: Offset Electrodes,  4mm Shrouded Power Cords, CE
  • Electrodes: 99.99% Platinum
  • Terminals: Gold plated
  • Color Coded Combs: 1 & 1.5mm
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty


Complete System Part No. : H1-SET

“Easigel” horizontal gel tank, built-in casting tray, 2 x 1.5mm thick combs with 8-sample capacity each. Order the CABLE-4 power leads at No Charge, when you order the H1-SET.

Technical Specifications: H1-SET

Unit Dimensions (W x D x H)

13.5 x 15 x 3cm

Gel Dimensions (W x H)

10 x 8cm

Buffer Volume


Maximum Sample Capacity (optional combs)


Combs (#) & Thickness

2 & 1 or 1.5mm

Sample Throughput (maximum)


Comb Slots


Migration Distance Between Comb Slots


Power Output Connectors (diameter)

Shrouded, 4mm

Recommended Running Voltage

70 – 90V

Recommended Power Supply

Consort EV222

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