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Serva Blue Imager Gel Documentation System 

SERVA Blue Imager is a compact gel documentation system with user-friendly features of easy operation and quick response when in WiFi environment under standalone condition. This imaging system consists of a scientific CCD camera, motor driven lens, RGB light illuminator. The five-fold filter changer is equipped with a 595 nm filter.


Fluorescence stains such as SERVA Lightning Red, SERVA Lightning Sci3 and Cy3 are detectable with the standard emission filter. In addition and by the use of additional filters (additional filters like 535 nm and 665 nm are available) SERVA Lightning Sci2, SERVA Lightning Sci5, Cy2, Cy5, Alexa 488, Alexa 546, Alexa 647, SYPRO Ruby, SYBR Green I/II, SYBR Safe, Midori Green, etc. excited by blue, red, and green lights can easily be observed and captured by Blue Imager.


Blue Imager does not require any extra desktop computer to operate the system on. The 8” built-in touch screen LCD panel that Blue Imager possesses can directly handle the image data without any difficulty. Moreover, the Blue Imager's smart user interface and vivid icons can rapidly capture gel images with high accuracy. With the use of Blue Imager, you will enjoy a worry-free experience in collecting the gel imaging data while conducting some advanced chemi-fluorescence staining related experiments in your research.



1. Wide applications for colorimetric and fluorescence detection

2. Patent-registered light source design: Effectively excite the dye on gel sample

3. High sensitivity: detection limit may reach to 1 ng

4. Highly efficient filter lens suitable for the emission wavelength excited from each light source

5. Ready for DIGE, multiplex analysis

6. Low energy consumption: Energy saving

7. Cost efficient: affordable imager system that may process some advanced research experiments



The three light sources equipped in BlueImager are red, green, and blue LED lights. Thus, wide range of color fluorescence applications may be processed through light source excitations:

1. Red light applications: SERVA Lightning Sci5, Alexa™ 647, Alexa™ 660, allophycocyanin, Cy5, TO-PRO™-3, etc….

2. Green light applications: SERVA Lightning Sci3, Alexa™ 546, Alexa™ 555, Alexa™ 568, Cy3, Nile red, Rhodamine B, TRITC, etc….

3. Blue light applications: : SERVA Lightning Sci3, Alexa™ 488, Cy2, SYBR Safe, SYBR Green, SYBR Gold, SYPRO Ruby, FITC, ethidium bromide, etc..