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Research grade ([(S)-1-Carboxy-2-phenylethyl]-carbamoyl-α-2-iminohexahydro-4(S)-pyrimidyl]-(S)-glycyl-X-phenylalaninal)


CAS [9076-44-2]


This item a mixture of 3 components differing by an amino acid residue at position X with component A comprising the majority (approx. 70 %):


Component A (C31H41N7O6; Mw: 607.7):
Component B (C30H39N7O6; Mw: 593.7):
Component C (C31H41N7O6; Mw: 607.7):

X = L-Leu
X = L-Val
X = L-Ile


Inhibitor of many proteinases including: chymotrypsin, chymotrypsin-like serine proteinases and lysosomal cysteine proteinases such as cathepsins B, H, and L.


Also inhibits eosinophil peroxidase release from activated human eosinophils. Inhibitor of mammalian protein methylesterase activity.


Reagent has effects on globin hydrolysis by cultured malaria parasites.


Additionally, acts specific inhibitor of a chymostatin sensitive angiotensin II generating enzyme.


Storage Temperature: -15 °C to -25 °C

HS: 29241900

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