BTD5 HIgh Temperature Block Heater

High Temperature Dry Block Heater


High Temperature Dry Block Heater 

This is a dry block heater that heats up to 400C.
Two models available:

  1. 16 tube capacity
  2. 26 tube capacity


High Temperature Digital Block Heater

BT5D dry block heater by Grant Instruments

This high temperature dry block heater provides precise heat up to 400C for applications that require heating samples beyond temperatures  of standard water baths.


Temperature range: ambient plus 10 to 400C

Stability: ±0.5ºC, uniformity 1%

Operation: timed or continuous

Two models:

  1. BT5D - 16 (38 x 16mm tubes)
  2. BT5D - 26 (22 x 26mm tubes)

BTD5 brochure

BTD5 operations manual

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