Chelating Resin, Analytical Grade, SERDOLIT® Chelite® P, SERVA

SERDOLIT® Chelite® P, Chelating Resin, SERVA

  • Macrporous polystyrene beads
  • Derivatized with aminomethylphosphonic acid groups
  • Affinity for polyvalent metal cations



Serdolit-Chelite-P, Chelating Resin, Analytical Grade, SERVA


Off-white beads with a macroporous resin structure and a general affinity for polyvalent metal cations. Styrene-DVB matrix with aminomethylphosphonic acid groups. Sodium form. The total capacity, expressed in g Cu/l is 45.

Complete desorption can be effected by 5 volumes of 2N HCL.


  • Capacity: min. 1.1 eq/l
  • Particle size: 20-50 mesh (0.3-0.8 mm)
  • Loss on drying: 60-70%
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