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Xylan from Beechwood



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Xylan from Beechwood

Research grade Xylan Hemicellulose

Xylan is a hemicellulose complex carboydrate derived from the cell walls of beechwood and corn and is considered the second most abundant polysaccharide next to cellulose. 

Xylan has promise as a biodegradable coating for drug delivery to the colon. It is degraded by xylanases and B-xylosidases which can be found in the lower intetensine and not in the upper GI. 

See Xylan Beechwood specifications and CoA

Xylan from Beechwood

Xylan Beechwood Specifications

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By (Sparks, United States) on 20 Apr. 2017 (Xylan from Beechwood) :


Since Xylan from beechwood dissapeared, we were desperate for new source quality source. Biophoretics has provided us with excellent quality Xylan and service.

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