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SERVA Electrophoresis

SERVA Electrophoresis Life Science Products

Biophoretics the primary distributor of SERVA Electrophoresis life science products in US distributor is proud to be their exclusive distributor to Mexico.


 Serva Life Science Product Categories Include:


  • Electrophoresis Gels & Reagents
    • Isoelectric Focusing (IEF):  
      • SERVALYT™ Carrier Ampholytes  
      • SERVALYT™ PRECOTES/PreNets™ Precast Horizontals Gels         
      • FocusGels Precast Horizontal Gels
      • SERVAGel™ IEF Vertical Gels (pH 3.0 to 8.5, by NEPHGE 5.5 to 11)
      • IEF Protein Standards  
      • Anode, Cathode & Sample Buffers  
      • Horizontal & Vertical gel Equipment & Accessories


    • SDS and Native PAGE products  
      • SERVAGel™  Precast Vertical Gels for 1D and 2D gel electrophoresis.
      • 1D HPE Gel Kits
      • SDS PreNet™ Blotting kit  
      • Protein Standards for SDS and Native PAGE
      • Buffers – Laemmli, Tris-Tricine, Tris-Glycine, Tris-MOPS, Anode and Cathode Buffer






  • Sample Preparation & Quantification Kits
    • SERVA BluePrep Kits for purification
    • Detergents -  for solubilization of membrane proteins
    • Protease and phosphatase inhibitors – for sample protection during purification



  • Dialysis Tubing,
    • Servapor™ Dialysis Membranes
    • Visking™ Dialysis Membranes
    • Membracel™ Dialysis Membranes


  • Enzymes A-Z:     
    • Alkaline phosphatase, Carbonic anhydrase, Cellulase, Macerozyme, Trypsin and more
    • Coenzymes, cofactors and Nucleotides
    • Enzyme Substrates and Detection
    • Enzyme Inhibitors
    • Buffering Substances


  • Ion Exchange Media
    • SERDOLIT™ Ion Exchange Resins, Polymeric Adsorbent Resins and Chelating Resins
    • SERVACEL™ Cellulose Ion Exchangers


  • Microscopy reagents:
    • Fixation, Dehydration, Embedding, Cutting, Staining, Contrasting

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