miniQuad Gel Electrophoresis Cell Complete, BIOpHROETICS Expand

miniQuad Gel Electrophoresis Cell Complete, BIOpHROETICS




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The Quad, a four Mini Gel Electrophorsis Unit

Run 4 precast or hand cast SDS PAGE, NATIVE PAGE, IEF OR 2D GELS


The Quad-4 by provides flexibility, consistency and greater throughput in mini gel electrophoresis. It is designed for you to custom cast your own polyacrylamide gels and run simultaneously either 1, 2 or 4 gels as needed.  It is made of robust, injection molded acrylic for leak free operation, and comes with a two year warranty, except platinum.


SDS PAGE electrophoresis, Native gel electrophoresis, Isoelectric focusing, mini 2D gel electrophoresis 


Specifications:                                                                   Included Accessories

Body Tank (with electrode prongs)1
Notched glass plates6
Multi-glass plates gel caster1
1mm bonded glass spacer4
1.5mm bonded glass spacer4
1mm thick 15 wells comb4
1.5mm thick 11 wells comb4
Gasket plates6
Glass gasket plates1
Dummy plate2
Electrical Cables1
  • Glass plate size: 100×100mm.
  • Gel size: 82×85mm.
  • Sample volume: 11 & 15.
  • Buffer Volume: 750ml.
  • Gel Throughput: 4
  • Auto-switch-off when the lid is removed.

Recommended power supply:                  Biophoretics U300C/U600C