Sorbitan monostearate 60 (SPAN 60)

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Sorbitan monostearate 60, SPAN 60


CAS 1338-41-6, MW 430.61844

Our sorbitan monostearate (Span60 V) is made to NF and GMP standards. It is a multi-functional non-ionic lipophilic surfactant often blended with Polysorbates such as TW 20, an ionic hydrophilic surfactant to achieved optimal HLB values.

In general Spans or Sorbitans are lipophilic non-ionic surfactants that are used as emulsifying agents in the preparation of vaccines, creams and ointments for pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. When used alone they produce stable water-in-oil emulsions. It is soluble in hot ethanol, benzene and hot oil; slightly soluble in ether and petroleum ether. Span 60 is water/oil type emulsifier. HLB value: 4.7  

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To view specification for SPAN 60 (SP60) product specifications go the "Download" tab. Certificates of analysis are available on request.

MOQ: 25kg/bag

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