Sorbitan monooleate 80 (SPAN 80)

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Sorbitan monooleate, SPAN 80  

SP80 V (Vegetable)

CAS 1338-43-8

Our sorbitan monooleate 80 or SP80 V is derived entirely from all-vegetable starting materials.

It is a water/oil type emulsifier, which can be mixed with emulsifier Span60 and emulsifier TW60. HLB: 4.3. 

In general Spans (sorbitan monooleates) are lipophilic non-ionic surfactants that are used as emulsifying agents in the preparation of vaccines, creams and ointments for pharmaceutical and cosmetics. When used alone they produce stable water-in-oil emulsions. 

To view Sorbitan monooleate (SPAN 80) specification go the "Download" tab or click SPAN 80. Certificates of analysis are available on request.

Please call for your free copy of the HLB system. 

By on  04 Apr. 2016 (Sorbitan monooleate 80 (SPAN 80)) :

SPAN 80 Vegetal

I am purchasing agent with Boehringer. We began doing business with BpH in july 2015 purchasing SP80VG and TW80 Kosher. The products met our specifications for veterinary product excipient use and we received excellent price, quality and service. We save time and money working with them.

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