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SERVAGel™ N Native Gel Starter Kit




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SERVAGel™  N Native Gel Starter Kit

All you need to discover more...with Native PAGE.

Protein analysis is often performed by SDS PAGE, a denaturing technique. Denaturing conditions are not suitable for native state multi-protein com­plex analysis. But, native proteins can be analyzed by Blue or Clear Native PAGE.

Þ     Blue Native (BN) PAGE

  • No change in protein structure
  • Creates negative protein-dye complex’s
  • Migration is pI independent at physiologic pH
  • Use Serva Blue G  or Coomassie brilliant blue

Þ     Clear Native (CN) PAGE

  • No anionic dyes used
  • Method of choice if analysis is dye sensitive
  • Separate proteins with pI <7 at physiological pH
  • pH dependent net charge of proteins  determines migration


  • 4 Precast Native PAGE Gels: 2, 3 - 12% & 2, 4 - 16%
  • 250 mL 10x Native Anode Buffer for BN/CN (cat. no. 42535)
  • 250 mL 10x Native Cathode Buffer for BN/CN (cat. no. 42536)
  • 50 µl SERVA Native Marker Liquid Mix for BN/CN (cat. no. 39219)
  • 10 x 10 x 0.7 cm format, with 8 x 8 x 1mm gel dimensions
  • Fits most popular tanks: Biophoretics, Scie-plas, Hoefer, Invitrogen

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Exceeltn service and labortory

I recommends everyone to use biophoretics for all of your lab equipments purchase, No 1 source wthout any dought.

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