Onozuka RS

Onozuka RS

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Shipments and fees

Please be assured we take care to ship your order using the most appropriate carrier and methods to save you time, money and ensure product integrity.


Products in stock will be shipped within 24 to 48hrs after you order. If the product is not in stock you will be notified and given an estimated date of shipment. Unless you specify otherwise, partial shipments will be made to help keep your research moving.

Carriers and Methods

We use the most cost effective and reliable carriers, typically, Federal Express, UPS and DHL.  Products are packagaged and shipped the best way to ensure product integrity.  Some products require special handling such as dry ice or wet ice to help them get to you.  In those cases, a nonominal surcharge is added to cover the cost of the material. 



These include the carrier's rate, and any surcharges that may apply. These will be added to your invoice.  If you prefer we will gladly bill your freight carrier.



Additional shipping fees are charged for dry ice with packaging and blue ice packs. We add these at our discretion to help ensure the integrityof you product. You may see a surcharge titled Dangerous or Hazardous Goods fees. These are fees levied by the carrier.