Onozuka RS

Onozuka RS

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SERVA Electrophoresis isoelectric focusing gels for horizontal and vertical IEF plus IEF markers pH 3-10, isoelectric focusing stains.


BIOpHORETICS distributes SERVA Electrophoresis precast gels for horizontal gel isoelectric focusing (IEF) and vertical gel isoelectric focusing (IEF), along with SERVA's extensive selection of ampholytes. SERVA's IEF gels include PRECOTES, a horizontal IEF gel with premade pH gradients, PRENETS, a horizontal IEF gel cast on a netting permitting both IEF and Western blotting and IPG Blue Strips, a special gel for 2DE.  Serva's vertical IEF gels fit most electrophoresis units. SERVA offers 22 amphlyte mixtures for you to craft the IEF gel of your choice. If you are new to using IEF, starter kits. You can discover more about these and other SERVA Electroporesis IEF products by clicking on the links below.