Onozuka RS

Onozuka RS

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Ampholytes…by SERVA Electrophoresis


Ampholytes by SERVA Electrophoresis are known as Servlyts. They are a mixture of synthetic low molecular weight molecules of zwitterionic character with an average molecular weight distribution of 400 to 1000 daltons.  Ampholytes are typically used in isoelectric focusing (IEF) applications in agarose and polyacrylamide gels, capillary electrophoresis (cIEF) and free flow electrophoresis. In an electric field the ampholytes create a linear pH gradient migrating in the electric field until the molecule(s) reach a pH point corresponding to the molecules isoelectric point of pI and stop.


Benefits are:

  • high resolution

  • clear backgrounds  

  • fast staining and destaining

  • low unspecific binding of dyes and stains

  • high solubility in trichloroacetic acid (fast removal of ampholytes during fixation)

  • virtually no interaction with metal ions


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