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DNA Stain Clear G  

Ethidium bromide stain - Alternative

DNA Stain Clear G is a great non-carcinogenic DNA stain alternative to Ethedium Bromide. Use instead of highly carcinogenic ethidium bromide for detecting nucleic acid in agarose gels.

DNA Stain Clear - G has 
been shown in some applications more sensitive than SERVA DNA Stain G. SERVA DNA Stain Clear G emits green fluorescence when bound to DNA or RNA. It has two secondary fluorescence exication peaks (ca. 270 nm and 295 nm) and one strong exication peak centered around 490 nm.

The fluorescence emission is similar to EtBr at ca. 530 nm when bound to nucleic acid. Pre-casting and post-staining protocols are applicable. 1 ml of this stain is sufficient for 17 - 25 L of agarose gel.


The safety of SERVA DNA Stain Clear G has been tested:

a. Ames test

b. Acute oral toxicity test

c. Mouse bone marrow micronucleus test

d. Chromosome Aberration Test


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