Low Melt Agarose for PCR

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Agarose SERVA for PCR low melting - molecular biology grade Expand


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Low Melt Agarose for PCR 

molecular biology grade, CAS [9012-36-6]

Efficient separation of small PCR generated DNA fragments. Best for fine resolution at agarose concentrations ranging from 1.8 % up to 4.5 %. Best for in-gel enzymatic processing. Ideal for digestion by agarase enzymes.

Easy to recover small DNA fragments for subsequent analysis or for enzymatic modifications.


Application: For analytical and preparative nucleic acid electrophoresis, for PCR-generated DNA fragments and other DNA fragments > 40 bp and < 1000 bp; for in-gel manipulations; special quality tested for applications in molecular biology.


Gelling temperature (1.5 %)

Gel strength (1.5 %)

Electro endosmosis (EEO)

ca. 26 °C

> 200 g/cm2

≤ 0.10


EINECS: 232-731-8WGK: 1HS: 39139000

Storage Temperature: +15 °C to +30 °C

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