Ampholytes pH 3-10, Servalyts

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SERVALYT™ 3 - 10, Carrier Ampholytes pH 3 - 10 Expand


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Ampholytes pH 3-10

Servalyt ampholytes 

Applications: Isoelectric focusing, capillary electrophoresis, free-flow electrophoresis

SERVALYT™ ampholytes are supplied as 40 % aqueous concentrate and sterile filtered (0.2 μm). If stored at 4 °C and unopened shelf is up to 3 years. The common working concentration is in the range of 3 % to 5 %. Technical grade SERVALYT™ carrier ampholyte pH 4-9 T (Cat. No. 42910) is economical to use if preparative work is envisaged. The T grade SERVALYT™ is not sterile filtered. Gels can be prepared in glass tubes or in horizontal gel format (the IEF gel is cut into strips applied to the second dimension (SDS PAGE). SERVALYT™ ampholytes are recommended for rehydration of dry IPG gel strips in 2DGE, DIGE, e.g. SERVA IPG BlueStrips, and medium-free IEF systems, e.g. free flow and capillary electrophoresis. SERVALYT™ 3-10 IsoDalt (Cat. No. 42951) is particularly suited to 2D-electrophoresis.



  • Available Two Sizes: 10 ml & 25ml
  • High Resolution
  • Widest Range Available
  • Fast Staining and Clear Background
  • Ready to Use or Blending
  • 3 year shelf life

Serva ampholyte instructions
By (Sparks, United States) on  17 Apr. 2013 (Ampholytes pH 3-10, Servalyts) :

Improved solubility

We found these helped increase protein solubility over others.

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