Ampholytes 3-4, Servalyts

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SERVALYT™ 3 - 4, Carrier Ampholytes pH 3 - 4 Expand


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Ampholytes 3–4 

Servalyt carrier amphlytes pH 3-4


SERVALYT™ 3-4 carrier ampholytes are useful in identifying acidic isotypes in purified protein samples such as monoclonal antibodies or other biosimilar protein products. Ampholyes are supplied as 40 % aqueous concentrate and sterile filtered (0.2 μm). If stored at 4 °C and unopened shelf is up to 3 years. The common working concentration is in the range of 3 % to 5 %. Excellent for high resolution of acidic proteins in isoelectric focusing(IEF), capillary electrophoresis(cIEF) and free flow electrophoresis.



  • Available Two Sizes: 10 ml & 25ml
  • High Resolution
  • Widest Range Available
  • Fast Staining and Clear Background
  • Ready to Use or Blending
  • 3 year shelf life

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