Putting AloeHydrate to the test…

As I said earlier, 3 of the 4 with stood the formula testing, so off we go. What happened to the 4th formula you ask? It developed a precipitate. Rather than try to figure out why, and since we had 3 birds in the hand, we ditched the 4th formula. 
Next we did multiple field trials to determine which of the 3 formulas folks liked best. We corralled friends, lab rats (not the real ones) and anyone else who would volunteer to be a lab rat for us. "No animals were used" unless you count humans in that.

That let us zero in on the near current formula. Next we gave AloeHydrate over to a clinical trials lab for Dermatalogical testing; that took 6 months. The results came back showing  AloeHydrate did not cause any dermatogical reaction. GREAT NEWS!. But we always tell users to test on their own skin and if a reaction does breakout to stop using and see their doctor. Kinda obvious.

So while this is going on we get word back from our manufacturing partner that the we needed to modify a key ingredient; do to INCI naming rules.  Overall this made AloeHydrate better. But guess what? We changed the formula so back to the accelerated stability studies, reschedule the derma testing and now bacteriological challenge testing too.

All turned out well. AloeHydrate showd stable, produced no skin reacton and did not permit microbacteriolical growth. Now we are we off to manufacturing!

I'll pick this up in my next AloeHydrate backstory.

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