AloeHydrate it's Live,

After two years of brainstorming, formulating, testing, reformulating and retesting we launched it; AloeHydrate!

The back story:

A close friend and colleagque asked if we could make an Aloe Vera based skin hydration spray for him and his family. One that was naturally effective, not greasy and didn't have crazy scary anti-microbials in it.  Sounded like a fun and interesting project so we were in. After a lot of research to understand skin hydration, Aloe Vera components and what we could bring to the party. 

Biophoretcs developed the first prototype and found out that some of our "sterile" labware was not so sterile. What is the white stuff growing in the prototype? Not sure, maybe precipitate with incompatibles. Wrong! 

Working with an outside lab we identified the culprit was microbial and crafted 4 formulas along with a robust and eco-friendly anti-microbial component. After accelerated stability studies 3 out of the 4 were good.

Now its off to field testing!

I'll have to tell you about that later. In the meantime... 

Please go check AloeHydrate at!