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IonSep DEAE 52 cellulose (DE52)



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IonSep DEAE 52 Cellulose; DE52 

Preswollen DEAE-Cellulose for weak anion exchange chromatography

Diethylaminoehtyl Cellulose, DEAE 52, DE52, CAS#: 9013-34-7

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IonSep DEAE 52 is a preswollen DEAE cellulose weak anion exchange resin (Diethylaminoethyl cellulose) for anion exchange chromatography of proteins and nucleic acids. Formulated  preswollen for convenience and to provide high binding capacity and resolution.

Appearance: White microgranular (non-porous) slurry
  • Granule size: 25 - 60um
  • Exchange capacity (mmol/g, dry): 0.9 - 1.4
  • Water content %: 65 - 75
  • Max flow rate (ml/min.): 50
  • Column volume (ml/g): 6.5
  • Protein loading capacity (BSA, pH 8.5, mg/g, dry): 550-700 


DEAE Cellulose - Anion exchangers (basic types):

This DEAE cellulose anion exchange resin can be applied in ion exchange chromatography for the separation of serum components, enzymes, peptides, polysaccharides, RNA-types, viruses, lipids and ribosomes have been separated. DEAE cellulose is suitable for purification of nucleic acids. 

HTC: 39129090

IonSep DE52

IonSep DE52, DEAE Product Specifications

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By on13 Jan. 2017 (IonSep DEAE 52 cellulose (DE52)) :


At first we tested a small batch and found it met our needs; it did. Then we scaled-up and it consistently performs for us; good alternative to the forever missing Whatman product. One more thing, availability was great.